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Creating Markets

We create a just market with justified prices for the farmers by eliminating the middlemen who take a big chunk of the financial pie from the farmers. We are a transparent network where we facilitate the farmers by providing direct access to the market. This helps the farmers to meet market demands promptly, seize opportunities, and increase profitability by reducing time-to-market significantly. Our system can also police the fluctuation of prices and eventually stabilize the volatility of supply and demand and reduce the effects of cobweb.

Warehouse Management

Our warehouses are built to store the harvest so that the farmers can plan supply and demand effectively. It is equipped with state of the art tools that can monitor humidity, temperature, pests, and other environmental issues. By optimizing their inventory, they can reduce wastage and maximize profitability. During flooding season or extreme temperatures that do not allow them to produce, they can store their harvest for a long period of time and plan their selling strategy accordingly.


Through partnerships with trusted financial institutions, we offer Agri-financing tailored to the specific needs of individual farmers. These financing provides the necessary capital to secure their businesses and invest in their operations.